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HealthPoint Communications blends behavioral constructs with advanced information technology to deliver engaging, information-rich messages that command attention, foster comprehension, and promote healthful behaviors among diverse audiences



Identify cognitive and affective factors that impede or induce health promoting behaviors. Identify information needs, interests and concerns of intended audiences; identify communication preferences and information-seeking behaviors related to health.



Design messages that are accessible, salient, responsive, credible and applicable to empower individuals to make informed decisions about their health. Design communication strategies and appropriate delivery media to ensure the messages are presented in a form that is clear and resonant to their intended audiences.



Engage audiences to participate in a visually-compelling and cognitively engaging, non-linear learning experience that enables them to control the path and pace at which they access and use the information presented to enhance their comprehension of the messages presented.



Assess the efficacy of the intervention messages to enhance comprehension, engender or realign attitudes and perceptions and promote adoption of recommended prevention and risk reduction behaviors. Assess audience message acceptance, comfort level and ease-of-use of the delivery medium for their learning experience.