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Education and Prevention


Completion Date


An Interactive Colorectal Cancer Screening Promotion Intervention for Latinos


August 2010

Developed and conducted randomized efficacy study of colorectal cancer screening promotion intervention delivered through interactive, multimedia, digital kiosks to low-income, low literacy Latinos.


Latina Cervical Cancer Kiosk Project


March 2010

Deployed and evaluated the use and acceptance of cervical cancer education kiosks at member clinics of the Community Health Partnership in Santa Clara County, CA. serving medically underserved women.


Digital Multimedia Cervical Cancer Kiosks for Latinas


September 2007

Developed and conducted randomized efficacy study of next-generation cervical cancer education intervention kiosks designed to overcome barriers and promote adherence of screening and risk reduction behaviors among low-income, low literacy Latinas.

  • 2006 Highest Scoring Abstract Award, Women's Caucus, American Public Health Association.

    Nutrition Mentor™: An Interactive, Self-Paced Training Tool for Paraprofessionals


    September 2007

    Developed and evaluated an individualized, self-paced, interactive, multimedia CD-ROM featuring proven instructional strategies and mastery tests to enhance learning and retention of subject matter by nutrition education paraprofessionals.


    Culturally Competent Nursing Care: A Cornerstone of Caring


    January 2007

    Evaluated and redesigned the interactive and pedagogical elements of an e-Learning website developed for the U.S. Office of Minority Health to provide a self-paced, interactive instructional resource for cultural competence training of nursing professionals.



    Nutrition Jam™: An Interactive, Multimedia Nutrition Learning Tool for Classroom Instruction


    February 2004

    Developed and evaluated an interactive nutrition education CD-ROM containing full-featured lessons plans and related materials designed for integration into the core curriculum in upper elementary grades.



    Breast Cancer Training Tool for Promotoras


    April 2001

    Developed and evaluated use of an interactive, multimedia breast cancer education CD-ROM for use by lay health educators, promotoras, in conducting breast cancer education counseling with low-income, low literacy Latinas.



    Multimedia Breast Cancer Education Kiosk for Latinas


    May 2000

    Developed and conducted randomized efficacy study of innovative, first-generation, interactive, multimedia, touchsreen kiosks to deliver breast cancer education intervention to low-income, low literacy Latinas.

  • 1999 Public Health Materials Award from Public Health Education and Health Promotion Section, American Public Health Association
  • 2001 Tibbetts Award for Innovative Technology
  • 2004 eHealth Developers Summit, Research Award


    Social Marketing


    Completion Date


    Asian Language New Parent Kit


    August 2004

    Designed and conducted focus groups in Mandarin, Cantonese, Korean and Vietnamese to identify unique needs among these populations for a New Parent Information Kit developed by the California Commission on Children and Families to help new parents cope with their new parenting roles and provide better care for their infants.



    Latino Childhood Obesity Prevention Education Campaign


    September 2003

    Developed and conducted a radio-PSA public awareness campaign in English and Spanish designed for rural Mexican-origin farm worker families in San Benito and Southern Santa Clara counties in CA to promote improved nutrition and physical activity for a Food and Fitness for Better Health Initiative.



    Latino Watershed Environmental Awareness


    July 2002

    Conducted focus groups with Latino community leaders on the subject of watershed protection and environmental awareness to gauge awareness and acceptance of a Watershed Watch campaign in Santa Clara County.



    Elder Abuse Prevention Public Awareness Campaign


    June 2002

    Conducted focus groups and implemented a mixed media, social marketing campaign in English, Spanish, and Vietnamese in mainstream and ethnic media to increase public awareness of elder abuse in Santa Clara County.

  • PSA won 2004 Public Health Media Award from American Public Health Association.


    Universal Lifeline Telephone Service Baseline Survey


    December 2001

    Conducted multistage, area probability household survey in California in English, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Tagalog and Hmong to assess awareness and barriers to participation in a telephone subsidy program for low-income Californians.



    Violence Prevention Public Awareness Campaign


    November 2001

    Conducted community ethnography and social marketing, public education campaign in English, Spanish, and Vietnamese in mainstream and ethnic media to increase public awareness and primary prevention of domestic violence and violence prevention in Santa Clara County.



    Latino Foster Parent Outreach Campaign


    June 2000

    Conducted study to identify impediments to recruiting Latino families to become foster parents. Subsequently conducted focus groups, developed and implemented a public education and awareness social marketing campaign in Santa Clara County to recruit Latino families to become licensed foster parents.



    United Methodist Church Hispanic Communication Study


    April 1999

    Designed and conducted Spanish-language membership survey and focus groups in the United States and Puerto Rico of Hispanic membership of the United Methodist Church to identify communication problems and unmet information needs.





    Completion Date


    LINCC--Latinos in Network for Cancer Control


    April 2003- present

    Dr. Armando Valdez participated as collaborator and consultant on interactive technology in cancer education interventions to LINCC in its efforts to conduct cancer prevention and control research for Texas and surrounding states along the Texas-Mexico border with a focus on eliminating cancer-related health disparities among Hispanics/Latinos through community-based intervention and dissemination research.



    Principal Investigator: Dr. Maria Fernandez, University of Texas Health Science Center, School of Public Health (UTSPH), Center for Health Promotion and Prevention Research (CHPPR), University of Texas-Houston.



    Conceptual Blueprint for an Internet Research Center


    March 2003-June 2007

    Dr. Armando Valdez participated as collaborator and consultant on team to conceptualize and establish an Internet Health Research Center at UCSF to conduct prevention and treatment intervention research that address persistent disparities in healthcare for Latinos.



    Principal Investigator: Dr. Ricardo Muñoz, Latino Mental Health Research Center, Department of Psychiatry, University of California-San Francisco



    Cancer Patient Information Kiosks


    Sept. 2004-Aug.2005

    Dr. Armando Valdez participated as consultant and investigator on a study team in the design stages of a project to develop and evaluate the efficacy of a multilingual, interactive, touchscreen kiosk to help ethnically and racially diverse cancer patients better understand their treatment options and encourage their use of the Cancer Information Service to obtain additional information and assistance; the project also contracted with HealthPoint Communications' predecessor, Valdez & Associates, to produce video content and develop an interactive touchscreen kiosk for the patient education intervention.



    Principal Investigator: Dr. Rena Pasick, Comprehensive Cancer Center, University of California-San Francisco



    Vietnamese Nutrition Education and Cancer Prevention


    Oct. 2001-Sept. 2004

    Dr. Armando Valdez participated as consultant on a study team to provide behavioral science advise in the design and evaluation of a nutrition education intervention delivered by Vietnamese paraprofessional in home and community settings to low-income Vietnamese adults and seniors to improve food choices and meal preparation that offer cancer prevention benefit.



    Principal Investigator: Joanne Ikeda, M.A,, RD. Department of Nutritional Science, University of California-Berkeley.


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