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Despite an abundant food supply, most Americans eat poorly. The root cause of this paradox is ill-informed food choices. About one-third of U.S. children and adults are overweight or obese. In response to this problem, HealthPoint Communications developed Interactive instructional resources that create an enjoyable learning experience that helps children and adults increase their knowledge on basic nutrition to guide decisions about healthier food choices.


Nutrition Jam™


Students in upper elementary grades are at a pivotal developmental stage where they begin to develop attitudes and behaviors they carry into adulthood. This is an optimal time to teach nutritional subject matter that fosters healthy eating behaviors. Nutrition Jam™ is an innovative, computer-based curriculum that integrates nutrition topics into the core curriculum in upper elementary grades for math, science, language arts and social studies lessons. Every Nutrition Jam™ lesson meets national subject-matter and nutrition standards. In response to teacher requests, lessons are presented in either of three different instructional modalities: CD-ROM simulations and games, Internet lesson lessons and conventional worksheet-based exercises. Nutrition Jam™ lessons are engaging and instructive, and are designed to meet a range of student abilities and learning styles. Lesson plans follow a familiar and consistent format, structure and progression. Click the subject icons to view a list of lessons, as well as a description, standards and instructional modality for each lesson.


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Nutrition Mentor™


USDA food assistance programs reach an estimated 27.2 million Americans monthly. These programs have an explicit nutrition education mandate to help consumers develop skills related to selecting, purchasing and preparing a lowcost nutritious diet for themselves and their families. There is an emerging consensus in the nutrition education field that better and more effective materials and approaches are needed to train nutrition education paraprofessionals.


Nutrition Mentor™ is an interactive CD-ROM designed by nutrition education experts for training para-professionals. This training tool combines audio narration, music, graphics, animation and digital video to engage users in an active learning process that increases interest in the information presented and fosters learning across the wide range of learning abilities of nutrition education paraprofessionals. It individually mentors learners on the Dietary Guidelines, who progress through 12 nutrition education lessons at their own pace. Each nutrition lesson feature an interactive mastery test that allows the learner to go back to the lesson and learn items answered incorrectly, thus optimizing learning. The curriculum also features two resource lessons to help learners effectively apply their nutrition knowledge when teaching clients: an adult learning strategies lesson with practical ideas on how to deliver nutrition instruction to adults, and a cultural competence lesson that orients learners to key considerations when teaching nutrition to teach Latinos and Vietnamese clients.


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