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HealthPoint Communications draws from the ample knowledge and experiences gained from its seminal work in the design, development, deployment and evaluation of interactive media for delivery of health education and health promotion interventions. It offers consulting services to early-stage projects to help them avoid common flaws and pitfalls; it also offers direct assistance on interactive and content design, technology platform selection, materials development and production, fabrication and systems integration across different interactive platforms. It offers diagnostic and re-design assistance to on-going projects that need to realign their delivery strategy, content or delivery platform.



Pro-Bono Consultation

In response to the growing interest in kiosks in health education interventions, HealthPoint Communications offers an hour of consultation at no cost to academic and non-profit institutions in their early stages of planning and development to help them avoid having to ‘re-invent the wheel’ and avoid some common and costly mistakes.  Contact HealthPoint Communications at to make arrangements.



Digital Signage

HealthPoint Communications recently entered the Digital Signage Industry as a content provider for the health care sector with materials dervied from its extensive collection of health education content developed and testing over the past decade.  It currently offers a Health and Nutrition series of programs and a Health Awareness/Healthy Choices series. Programs focusing on women’s health, pediatric health, parenting, cardiovascular health and diabetes are in the planning stages. Check back frequently for updates and announcements in the coming months.


Health and Nutrition Programs


Children’s Body Image

Role Of Water In The Human Diet

Snacks & Soft Drinks

Whole Grains And Disease Prevention

Food Safety

Fruits And Vegetables For Health

Mastering Nutrition Fact Labels

Importance Of Iron And Calcium

Sugar In Our Diets

Strategies For A Balanced Diet


Health Awareness/Healthy Choices Programs


Cancer Screening And Early Detection

Preventing Disease Through Nutrition

Anti-Oxidant Basics


Childhood Obesity Prevention

Nutritional Needs Of Infants

Nutrition For Older Adults

Vitamin Facts

Facts About Fats

Marvelous Minerals For You

Reach For Fiber-Rich Foods

Protein-Rich Foods

Mineral-Rich Foods

Food Shopping Strategies

Meal Planning Tips

Making Food Choices Away From Home


Women’s Health Programs


What Is Breast Cancer?

Do I Need A Mammogram?

Demystifying The Mammogram

An Abnormal Mammogram . . .

Risk Factors For Breast Cancer

Reducing My Risk For Breast Cancer

Chances Of Surviving Breast Cancer

What Is Cervical Cancer?

What Is A Pap Test?

Making Sense Of An Abnormal Pap Test.

How Is Cervical Cancer Transmitted?

Risk Factors For Cervical Cancer

Reducing My Risk For Cervical Cancer

What Is The HPV Vaccine?